A Little History

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From the Owner:

Starting as a first-year apprentice and then working through my 4-year apprenticeship school to become a Journeyman Ironworker, I quickly noticed the need for a simpler, more efficient way to provide Steel Building Structures other than the “Conventional Steel Method”. My thoughts were to build something that was faster to erect more cost effective and just something to give the Owner the best price per square foot.
To pursue this path, I began to learn about Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings, and as much about them as I possibly could. All while working as a full-time foreman for a structural steel company.

In 2005 after 10 years of service, I turned in my resignation to pursue my dreams of becoming a Business Owner. By visiting multiple manufacturing facilities, attending certification school/builder classes etc. for a variety of suppliers, I am knowledgeable in every facet of the Industry. I began to erect P.E.M.B.’s for a multitude of suppliers, contractors, homeowners, etc., to keep practicing what I have learned. Also surrounding myself with a vast group of knowledgeable hard workers and good honest people, this insures a well put together Building.

At this point, there is well over 25 million square feet of P.E.M.B.’s that have been erected. We have completed projects from 1,000 sq. ft. to over 2 million sq. ft. on a single site. We don’t care if your project is a 20’ x 30’ or a 200’ x 300’ PEMB we treat them both with the same importance. Our team of over 75 Metal Building Erectors can serve most of the United States.

We look forward to helping with your project whether it’s a supply and erect or an erection from your supplied building. We are here for you!


Kenny McIntosh